Do you know your Uber passenger rating? Well, if you struggle to catch a lift through the app then it might be terribly low. But don't sweat it—just heed the what-not-to-do advice from Danielle and Laura Kosann of The New Potato, who tackle the quest of maintaining a perfect passenger score in this hilarious short film.

In it, the pair document their journey of getting to their destination via various Uber drivers. One highlight is when they get picked up up by journalist Katie Couric, who appears as an overachieving Uber driver with a 6.4 rating (which exceeds the 5.0 grading scale). But after she explains that she took on the side job to earn a little pocket change, the conversation quickly turns into a major passenger "don’t."

Take a look at the funny yet informative video to find out how to keep your score high (and all the mistakes to avoid).