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Kate Upton has been on many a swimsuit photo shoot and movie set, but the Sports Illustrated cover star’s most interesting beauty tip actually came from her fiancé, Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander. In a video interview with InStyle (above), Upton reveals her unexpected secret to glowing all summer long: Pedialyte.

“One beauty tip I will always swear by is staying hydrated. Pedialyte helps you do that, and that is one thing I learned from dating an athlete,” she joked. But Upton isn’t using the drink to fight hangovers; She’s drinking it to rehydrate after long, drying flights. Considering she’s flying around the country to follow her fiancé throughout baseball season, she has some brilliant tips for in-flight fashion and beauty.

“I would say that I usually choose function over being fashionable at an airport, just because you’re in and out. But I always try to have a nice comfortable pair of jeans and a cool pair of boots that I wear to the airport. One, it helps with packing to wear your chunkier boots, and also they’re comfortable and you feel good,” she told us.

And when she’s on the plane, she’s all about that face mist. “Whenever you’re on a plane and you’re feeling very dry, there are all these great mists that you feel more awake and your skin really brightens up.”

Watch the video at top for more summer beauty tips from the model.