Date night? How about date week! Kat Dennings recently spent some quality time with boyfriend Josh Groban in New York, as their hectic schedules overlapped in the same city for a week, and she dished on their reunion.

"We went and saw some plays ... we slept late, we ate a lot of food, we cooked some food, we played some video games, you know, normal people things," the 2 Broke Girls actress told Late Night host Seth Meyers. "He's in Denmark now, about to sing for the Queen," she said, which prompted Meyers to respond: "Point Groban."

On top of explaining what it's like to like to hang out with the handsome crooner, Dennings also revealed her hopes for the future of Sam on 2 Broke Girls, which was just renewed by CBS for a fifth season: She wants her character to stop being broke! "It would be so great if the girls just got rich for a season. I feel like Max would just go insane and buy, like, 30 cars."

"She could hire Josh Groban to sing for her," the host said. Point Meyers.