Poor Duckie still can't catch a break! When Jon Cryer joined guests Kat Dennings, Michael Douglas, and host Jimmy Fallon for a game of charades on The Tonight Show, the Two and a Half Men star ran into some trouble with his teammate Douglas.

Things started out fine for the duo: Cryer shouted "Macarena" after Douglas danced an awkward rendition of the '90s hit song. Next up, Fallon got Dennings to blurt "House of Cards!" after pretending to deal a deck.

But when Cryer had to act out Pretty in Pink, Douglas floundered, despite nailing the first word right off the bat. Douglas struggled to finish the phrase as Cryer cracked up (and then collapsed in frustration on the ground as the buzzer rang).

While Fallon also had some issues ("There's a show called something-pants?" he wondered, as Dennings did her best SpongeBob SquarePants), he and Dennings clinched the game in the final round, when the literary-minded 2 Broke Girls actress recognized Of Mice and Men. Someone book this woman on Hollywood Game Night!