Kanye West graced us with his presence on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, and the notoriously straight-faced singer came with all kinds of revelations about his life with wife Kim Kardashian West and their babies North and Saint. The rapper and talk show host played a game called “5 Second Rule,” where they each had five seconds to name three different responses to a question.

DeGeneres demonstrated how to play the game, but West decided to play by his own rules. “Name three things that get you in trouble with your spouse,” tWitch asked him. “The Internet,” West hilariously responded, ending his answer with just one line.

The rapper also revealed the one thing that he does when no one is looking: “Smile,” he responded, looking deadpan into the camera until finally breaking a toothy grin.  West also sat down with the talk show host for an interview where he talked about his adorable new baby boy, Saint.



Portia and I feel responsible for naming him,” DeGeneres said. “Portia and I sent you all these names, and she sent Saint Vincent.”

“We were sending tons of names and then you wrote back, ‘I like Saint,’” the host said, but West claimed not to remember.

“Do not act like you don’t remember that. We were sending a million names. Alright, well, it happened,” DeGeneres said. “And how is North as a big sister, she’s good?” she asked.

“Yeah, she’s awesome,” West said. “She’s really advanced for her age,” adding, “She’ll prop him up on the pillow sometimes.”

West also revealed his thoughts on having more children. Watch the videos above to see a whole new side of the rapper.