By Joshua Lyon
Sep 10, 2015 @ 7:45 am
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Get ready for an overdose of cute! Justin Timberlake appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Wednesday and he brought along some adorable photos of baby Silas. His tyke (with mom Jessica Biel) is 5 months old now, and Timberlake can’t say enough good things about fatherhood. “It is the most insanely amazing, most beautiful, unbelievable thing that can ever happen to you,” he told the host.

He even brought along some photos to share. This first one is post-bath. “He’s an elephant!” Fallon cooed. “Little elephant head!”

Courtesy 'The Tonight Show'

“Here’s one with him and dad, getting in the camera,” Fallon said, wiggling the picture around to imitate a squirming infant.

Courtesy 'The Tonight Show'

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This final one was Fallon’s favorite of the bunch. “We were watching the PGA championship,” Timberlake explained. “Good putter, we’re working on his swing.”

Courtesy 'The Tonight Show'

Timberlake had one last detail about Silas to share with the world. Just like the title of Fallon’s children’s book, Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA, Silas’s first word was indeed "Dada." Click the video above to watch Fallon fail at a fist bump when he hears the news.

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