Julia Roberts made her 26th and final appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman wearing—what else—a letterman jacket! But she wasn’t always comfortable enough with the host to be so casual.

“The first time I was on this show was to promote Mystic Pizza,” the actress said.  “And as a fan of the show, did not want to come on because I had seen you absolutely dismember young actresses of my kind of peer group. And I thought, ‘I’m gonna go on and he’s gonna know within 10 seconds what my IQ is and you are going to like, samurai, just sort of like Benihana me into pieces and I’ll be left for dead and forgotten.'”

“I’m not going to dispute this,” Letterman said. “But why would I behave that way … what was the matter with me?"

“I think stupid people annoy you,” Roberts told him, to which he jokingly replied, “Well, that answers my problem of self-loathing.”

If Letterman ever needs cheering up in the future, all he has to do is watch this montage of Roberts kissing the host on the lips six different times, not including the big smooch he laid on her at last night at the end of the show. Pretty woman, indeed.