By Joshua Lyon
Aug 18, 2015 @ 10:00 am

Josh Groban’s beard has caused such a stir over the past few months that it even has its own Twitter account, and when the singer saw the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live!’s new facial hair on Monday, he heartily approved. “I think it looks lumbersexual,” Groban said as he stroked Kimmel’s face. “I’m into it. Vacations are good for you.”

Lumbersexual wasn’t a term the host was familiar with though. “Is that a thing?” he asked.

“I certainly hope so, because if not it’s just laziness,” Groban said, before telling Kimmel that he has no plans to pick up a razor before he goes back on tour. “I’m really enjoying not shaving,” he said. “And it keeps me warm."

Another big reason the singer loves his beard? "I feel like I’m finally starting to look like the voice that I have," he said. "When I first started singing when I was 17, 18, I had this little kid face and it was like, ‘And now little Joshy Groban will sing for you.’”

He then demonstrated a deep bass note. “It was a weird kind of gimmicky thing, and I feel like now I look like my singing voice, so I’ll take it.”

When Kimmel suggested that Groban attempt to go full-on hipster, the singer cracked, “I feel like I’m just a couple of inches away from a man bun.” Click the video above to watch the interview.