Are Joe Jonas and Ashley Graham Hollywood’s sexiest new couple? If the world of music videos serves as any indicator, all signs point to a definite yes.

Following the release of a super hot preview image, DNCE officially cut the ribbon on their new “Toothbrush” music video and the results are, as expected, very steamy. Starring Jonas and his three other colorful bandmates, the minutes-long clip finds the former Jonas Brothers star waxing lyrical and doing everything possible to win over his only fictional love interest: plus-size model Ashley Graham.

Between rooftop shots of the band performing, the dynamic couple romps about a bedroom in white T-shirts and woke-up-like-this pieces of clothing that are ultimately removed, finding Graham in just her lingerie. Yes, Jonas kills it with his charming smile and spot-on style, but it’s Graham who wows as she also shifts into party-ready dresses for a night out with her fictional beau.

Watch the full video above and prepare to bookmark this one as a favorite.