By Kim Peiffer
Sep 18, 2015 @ 2:45 pm

As a busy mom and a successful career woman, there's rarely a moment of downtime for Jessica Alba. And when it comes to balance, the star says she loves to keep stress levels in check (not to mention keeping that enviable figure of hers looking bikini-ready) with a solid workout. “I always feel great after a nice good sweat. I like loud music, I like hop hop, and I like friends. So anything that involves those three things I love.”

However, her hectic schedule means she doesn’t always have time for a trip to the gym, something that she has learned to be OK with. “My fitness routine is very inconsistent,” the actress says with a laugh. “I’ve learned to let go my idea of perfection. I’ve learned to be OK with not completing things some times. I’ve learned to sacrifice not working out at night to have a healthy glass of wine.”

See Alba talk about her workout routine in the clip above.