By Meredith Lepore
Nov 19, 2015 @ 8:15 am

We know Jennifer Lawrence has some solid ballroom dancing moves based on her performance in Silver Linings Playbook, but on Wednesday the Oscar winner showed off a whole new set of skills on the dance floor.

During her appearance on The Tonight Show, Lawrence and host Jimmy Fallon brought their favorite real-life joke of asking people (such as Jennifer Lopez) to "come dance with us!" to TV. In a crazy skit, Fallon and Lawrence portray two late-night QVC infomercial hosts, Des and Dash, who wear outrageous costumes as they ask people to dance with them in funny voices. The duo then change quickly and dash back to the main interview couch and desk as if they were watching the infomercial.

As the camera cuts back and forth, Lawrence and Fallon make mad dashes from each set and switch from pulling off such dance moves as the "Lunch Box Salute," "Bowling Confetti," and "Disco Binoculars" to being visibly tired from all the running and dancing (and Fallon's hair was going a little crazy as Lawrence pointed out). When he said there was a third commercial Lawrence was not quite ready. "Where do you have the energy?" she asked Fallon as she breathed heavily.

For the last ad they did seven moves in 20 seconds including "Slurp the Soup," "Kick Waterfall," "That Doesn't Sound Anything Like Him," and "Brow Brow Chicken Cow." Watch Lawrence and Fallon's kooky "Come Dance with Us" skit in the video at top. Operators are dancing by!