By Meredith Lepore
May 24, 2016 @ 8:45 am

Jennifer Lawrence is always happy to tell it how it is, which is why the Tonight Show game True Confessions is right up her alley. The X-Men: Apocalypse star faced off against host Jimmy Fallon and fellow guest John Oliver Monday night.

In the game, each competitor is given two envelopes: one contains a truth, while the other holds a lie. The other two players have 60 seconds to interrogate the one "confessing" to determine its authenticity. Lawrence started the game off with an interesting claim. She said she took an Ambien before filming a scene for The Hunger Games. "Were you sleeping in the scene?" asked Fallon. "No, in fact, I was dancing," she said and explained that she mistakenly ingested the sedative. "I woke up and I thought it was something else, like it was like normal to take it."

Oliver asked if revealing the supposed fact would cause her legal problems with the studio. "The movies are done. It's all about Star Wars now," she said. Oliver said, "It's plausible. It's reckless. I kinda like it. If it's not true, I'm going to be very sad." Both men decided Lawrence did do this and she revealed it was, in fact, true! Lawrence really can act her way through anything.

Then it was Fallon's turn. "I once wrote a song called 'Am I Doing It Wrong?' and offered it—free of charge—to Sir Paul McCartney. " he said with a straight face. "How did you get it to Paul McCartney?" asked Lawrence. "Well, I'm a giant fan of his. I think we've kinda become friends, well, a one-sided friendship," said Fallon. He then gave them a taste of the tune, which only had the lyrics, "Am I doing it wrong?" but it did sound very McCartney- esque . And it turned out to be true! "I figured nobody sends songs to Paul McCartney because he's the greatest songwriter on the face of the earth," Fallon explained.

Finally, Oliver claimed he had worked in the kitchen at Buckingham Palace as a teen, but his fellow players decided that was false from the start.

Find out it's true or not by watching the group's True Confessions on The Tonight Show in the video at top.