After working together for so many years, the Hunger Games cast has clearly bonded. With this week's release of Mockingjay – Part 2, the franchise will come to a close and Liam Hemsworth will especially miss traveling with his co-stars Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence. "We're just sad to not tour the world together," he said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday. "That's one of the funnest parts."

Hemsworth provided an example of this by sharing a photo of himself with Hutcherson wearing matching panda hats while standing on the Great Wall of China. Apparently, it was a very cold day so the headgear was an impulse purchase. Host Jimmy Kimmel pointed out that in addition to the festive hat, Hemsworth was also toting a rather large black Valentino purse. "Jen didn't want to carry her handbag anymore, which is, you know, like Jen, so I carried it," the actor explained. "I figured it added to the picture of the Great Wall." Such a gentleman!

But the trip wasn't all fun and hats: Hemsworth revealed that, for some inexplicable reason, he had horrible nightmares during his short visit to Beijing. "Did you wake up crying?" Kimmel asked. "Yeah," said Hemsworth with a laugh. He said he kept waking up soaked in sweat and continued to do so until finally he realized, "You know what? I'm not sleeping in this country. I'm not going to do it anymore," he said. But always fair minded, he said, "Let's not blame the country." Watch Hemsworth talk about traveling for the Hunger Games in the clip above.