By Joshua Lyon
Sep 04, 2015 @ 8:30 am

Drinko is back! Jason Sudeikis and Jimmy Fallon faced off against The Tonight Show’s talking wall (voiced by sidekick Steve Higgins) on Thursday. The game requires minimal effort for maximum gross-outs—each player drops two discs down the board, which land in different cups filled with random liquids like wine spritzer, bubble tea, pea soup, and Yoo-hoo. The other player then has to combine the drinks and chug.

Sudeikis went first, but right off the bat the disc got stuck at the top. A firm flick sent it cascading down into a cup of Capri Sun, while the second landed in bubble tea. “That’s like a real thing,” the Sleeping with Other People actor said, but quickly took it back as soon as he saw Fallon pour the thick, milky substance. “Oh, that’s gross," he shuddered.

Another disc got stuck during Fallon's turn, causing Drinko to wail, "Something is wrong with me!" before Sudeikis pulled a Fonzie move and fist bumped the circle down into a wine spritzer. The second landed in bubble tea again.

"It's the chunks that get you," Fallon warned as Sudeikis mixed up his cocktail. For the final round, they each dropped a disc in a race to the finish, which Fallon lost. His drink could have been disgusting, but he ended up with beer and peppermint schnapps. "I think I've done this before," he said, and Sudeikis decided to join him for a shot of tequila with pickle juice. Click the video above to watch the boys drink up.