Here, let James Franco paint you a picture. A picture of fat animals like seals, squirrels, stallions, and corgis, to be precise. The star stopped the The Late Show on Monday, where he chatted about one of his many talents: painting fat animals.

"They're a collaboration, I commissioned them from a pet portrait artist," Franco explained to host David Letterman, adding that the reason he chose the giggle-worthy subject of fat animals was because, "I've found humor to be an incredible tool for me. I do do a lot of things, and if I go out super-serious all the time then it's harder for people to swallow. But if I add humor to these endeavors, it kind of takes the edge off."

In addition to the escapism that comes with drawing, Franco is also an animal lover, namely of cats. He revealed that he is a cat owner and tends to adopt sibling cats. And speaking of siblings, the star shared that his famous brother and former roommate Dave Franco "stole" the love of two of his cats, Arturo and Harry, and took them with him when he moved out.

Watch James Franco chat with David Letterman about art, cats, and even his IQ, by clicking on the video above.