By Olivia Bahou
May 26, 2016 @ 3:45 pm

Jake Gyllenhaal, comedian? The dramatic actor took a turn for the humorous in this epic Inside Amy Schumer sketch. In the clip from tonight’s episode, Schumer asks the hosts of the show “Katfish,” a parody of the MTV reality series Catfish, to help her figure out who she’s been chatting with online.

“I’ve been talking to this guy, Jake, for like a year, and we met in a chat room for ferret fanatics. He’s been telling me that he loves me since week one, but I’m pretty sure I’m being ‘Katfished,’’ Schumer says.

“So he’s saying he’s Jake Gyllenhaal, the actor? That’s a major red flag,” the hosts say. “Let’s go find out who’s been Katfishing you.”

Schumer travels to the residence of her online suitor after tracking down his IP address, and the star gets a big surprise: The real Jake Gyllenhaal comes down the stairs wielding a ferret. “Amy, hi! Oh my god, it’s so great to finally meet you!” he says. “What’s with all the cameras?”

Schumer proceeds to explain why she showed up with a camera crew. “I totally understand why you were worried,” Gyllenhaal says. “I thought I was being Katfished by someone pretending to be a model. But then I felt like love is about taking a chance and here you are, and I’m so glad I did.”

But this romance turns ugly when the comedienne explains that she sold her ferret to get a publicist. The Oscar-nominated actor launches into an epic rant, reminding us of a scene out of his drama, Southpaw.

Watch the star show off his impressive acting chops on tonight’s episode of Inside Amy Schumer, airing at 10 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.