By Joshua Lyon
Sep 16, 2015 @ 8:30 am

The world collectively learned to never rent a house to Amy Schumer when the comedian admitted on The Late Show eith Stephen Colbert Friday that she rifled through Jake Gyllenhaal's stuff when she paid to stay at his place. She even went as far as to film herself drunkenly eating a birthday cake she found in his freezer with the words "you're a princess" written on it.

Gyllenhaal himself stopped by Colbert's desk Wednesday, and the host couldn't resist showing part of Schumer's video again, before revealing an exact replica of the cake in question and offering it to the Everest actor. "You want to send a message back to Amy?" he asked.

Rather than threaten to keep her security deposit, the star took the high road and simply took a bite, saying, "Hey, princess, what's going on?" before demanding that Colbert also eat some cake, but only from the spot where he himself had just bitten. Click the video above to watch the whole interview!