Jaimie Alexander plays an awesome badass on the new fall show Blindspot, but sometimes having such a cool job gets you into a little trouble. She explained on Late Night with Seth Meyers that she had a rather close call with the police during filming of the show. She isn't sure why producers didn't think to worry when they had her filming in a hotel room facing the Freedom Tower while holding real shotguns and M4s, and covered in her character's signature tattoos (she plays a woman who wakes up with amnesia in a bag in Times Square—who turns out to have assasin-like skills). 

Since the blinds were open, she caught the attention of nearby construction workers who called the police, "As you should!" she said. She says soon they heard a loud banging on the door from the police. However, Alexander wasn't exactly in a position to answer the door as she was in the bathroom changing into her diving gear, so she was naked. "I like to be naked," she joked. When the police came to the bathroom door she told them she wasn't dressed. 

Then they demanded to know which agency she was with through the door. "And I was like 'Ahhhh! WME, cause that's my acting agency. I didn't know what they were talking about. Not one of my finer moments," she said. "Why? Do you have an audition for me," Meyers chimed in laughing. Eventually everything was cleared with the police and they asked to see the trailer for the show. 

NBC's Blindspot got a full-season pickup order earlier this month. 

Watch Alexander talk more about her close call with Seth Meyers by clicking above.