By Alexis Bennett
Sep 03, 2015 @ 12:45 pm

Gail Simmons might be a celebrated culinary expert, but the notoriety doesn't come without naysayers. In the above video interview, Simmons elaborates on how to ignore negative comments and continue to succeed.

The Top Chef judge admits that though she has paid attention to negative feedback in the past, she believes that those who only had bad things to say about Top Chef continued to watch the TV show—and, even more importantly, they were still engaging with the Food Network stars. She didn't see the negativity as a loss, but instead she looked at the bigger picture to see the positive side. And when it comes to responding to the noise Simmons admits, "I'm never going to throw that negativity back; it does nothing for anyone." Instead of putting energy into their comments she suggests focusing on your future. "You can't go back in time, so you might as well keep forging ahead." Watch the full interview above.