Love means never having to say you're sorry.

That's the iconic line from Love Story, the 1970 film about a (then) modern-day Romeo and Juliet whose relationship was plagued by classism, disapproving parents, and eventually, illness. And as we learn from the video above, loving Love Story the movie means never having to question your sense of style.

That's according to InStyle Editorial Director Ariel Foxman, who says he first became transfixed by the movie at the tender age of 10. "Everything about them was so cool," he says in the video, part of InStyle's partnership with Fandango for a glam edition of its fun web series, "I Love Movies." "They spoke in this really cool, quippy language, and they had these really cool shearling camel coats, and it was always snowing, and they were always running to class, and they always said the right thing at the right time."

Credit: Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images

The film focuses on Oliver (Ryan O'Neal), a Harvard student who, much to his father's chagrin, falls in love with Jenny (Ali MacGraw), a quick-witted working-class Radcliffe student. Oliver's father may not have loved Jenny, but Foxman certainly does, and for good reason: "Ali MacGraw was a fashion plate," he says. "She could take a tartan scarf—that is probably the most mundane, Ivy League idea today—and turn it into something that everybody wanted to wear."

In fact, Foxman, himself a Harvard grad, admits his love for the film put an interesting sort of pressure on him once he got his acceptance letter. "I did think, twice, while packing that, 'Oh my god, I'm going to need this wardrobe!'" he says with a laugh.

And while Foxman watches the movie again and again (as do Harvard students each year at orientation), he does envy those who have never seen it. "Because not only are you going to see that they are wearing clothing from 45 years ago that you are wearing today, but you have a chance to see a movie for the first time with such pathos and passion—that is like a gift that you are opening up that you can never open up again."

For more from Foxman on how this movie "snuck into the consciousness" of today's fashion, watch the video above, and check back here weekly for trendsetters like Empire costume designer Paolo Nieddu, style star Olivia Palermo, and more talk about the movies they love.