Those of us who are familiar with Marie Antoinette know that 18th-century France was rife with debauchery. Before the former queen was summoned to the guillotine, she lived a highly publicized life of hedonistic opulence, sporting her lavish wardrobe, profuse jewelry, and elaborate hairstyles to many a function. Perhaps understandably, in the video for her song "Celebrate" off her new EP Alter Egos, indie pop singer Ingrid Michaelson is throwing it back to the 1780s with an epic royal-themed dance party.

"I wanted to make the video for 'Celebrate' something that would make people smile, something simple and fun," Michaelson tells "There's a real heaviness to the world right now, people are carrying around such anxiety. I thought it was important to step back from that for a minute and have a laugh and enjoy each other." The upbeat song, featuring New York-based brother band AJR, is an ode to the nostalgic days of our youth—riding in a minivan with the windows rolled down, sitting in the basement playing Truth or Dare.

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