As Thanksgiving draws nearer, we find ourselves wondering with increasing frequency WWID (What Would Ina Do?). Luckily, we have the answers from the Barefoot Contessa herself, as Garten gamely played a few lightning rounds of “This or That,” giving us a glimpse into her savvy genius as she weighed in on some of the holiday’s most divisive debates: What are the best spuds for mashed potatoes? Arranged seating or laissez faire? And, most importantly, can there be too many cooks in the kitchen? “Well it depends on how good cooks they are,” Garten tells InStyle. "But if someone is a good cook and they want to help, I always let them."

While the video may have targeted her holiday preferences, Garten also revealed some of her own idiosyncrasies, like the fact that she’s afraid of anything deep-fried, although that’s not what she says keeps her up at night.

Whether you’re seeking her hosting advice or are simply hungry for more details about the Contessa’s Turkey Day feast, check out the video above.