Sep 14, 2015 @ 12:00 pm

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It’s not the first time we’ve expressed our love for anything made of that richly sweet metal known as gold, but when the object of desire comes in a teal blue box, our hearts flutter at rather unusual rate. Cue Tiffany & Co’s Tiffany T Square and Wire bracelets, two covetable pieces that while simple and sophisticated enough for anyone with minimalist taste, also pack an edgy punch. Designed to highlight the brand’s signature T, the square iteration (which comes in 18kt gold and sterling silver), is a chunkier piece that makes an impactful wrist statement. Similarly shaped, the wire bracelet is a more delicate dream item that comes in 18kt gold and shines with round diamonds. Prepare to immediately update your wish lists. 

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Shop it: (top to bottom) 18kt gold square bracelet, $5,200; Sterling silver square bracelet, $975; tiffany.com18kt gold wire bracelet with diamonds, $3,200;

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