By Joshua Lyon
Jun 08, 2015 @ 10:00 am

If you ever wanted to watch Amanda Seyfried do a terrible Fonzie impersonation, it's your lucky day: The Ted 2 actress stopped by The Tonight Show on Friday and teamed up with Jimmy Fallon to play Catchphrase against Marlon Wayans and crooner Jason Derulo.

Things got off to a brisk pace, with Wayans getting Derulo to guess “brain freeze,” and Fallon nailing “emoji.” But when Derulo pulled “The Little Mermaid,” the game hit a snag. “She lives under the sea!” Derulo said. Wayans offered up "mermaid," but that's it. “She’s pretty, she’s small, she lives under the sea," Derulo nudged. "You know, the mermaid, she’s small, she sings!”

“A singing mermaid?” Wayans asked, as if that was the most insane thing he’d ever heard of. (To be fair, it is pretty weird if you think about it.) He finally remembered Ariel when Derulo added that she was a cartoon.

As the game continued, more clues were given in the form of Wayans striking a classic body builder pose, Seyfried attempting the aforementioned awkward Fonzie impersonation, and Derulo singing opera. Click the video above to find out which team won!