By Joshua Lyon
Jun 16, 2015 @ 8:00 am

Viola Davis is starring in a new movie with Jennifer Lopez called Lila & Eve, but the two go way, way back. “I think she is just the greatest woman … we’ve been friends since Out of Sight,” Davis said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday. “We just clicked. Two sisters. That was like my first big role out of the gate, I thought I was a star.”

Does that mean she calls her by her J. Lo nickname? “My god no, I call her Jennifer,” Davis said when host Jimmy Kimmel inquired.

The pair's new film centers on two women who each lose a child to murder and decide to seek revenge—a subject Davis loves when it comes to dramatic entertainment. “Have you seen Snapped?” she asked Kimmel, referring to the Oxygen show.

“Is that like Wives with Knives?” he asked warily.

“Oh, they have more than knives … they profile women who have snapped," Davis explained. "They’ve literally killed people. And they’re seemingly normal women. They’re school teachers, beauty queens—your wife."

“I’m worried about these shows,” Kimmel replied. “I can see that they’re increasing in popularity. They’re bubbling over. I mean, listen, how can you be comfortable when you see your wife watching Wives with Knives, knowing there are so many knives in the house to start with?”

“That’s why you’ve got to act right,” Davis said, to the delight of the studio audience. Click the video above to hear Kimmel laugh nervously.