Raise your hand if the possibility of a round brush getting stuck in your hair has kept you up at night. While the hair tool might be intimidating to use, it can be a total blowout game-changer. When used correctly, the brush can add so much more volume and movement to your hair. Used wrong, you can end up with a tangled mess.

If you've never quite got the hang of the round brush, InStyle social media editor Rachel Otero is right there with you. So, she turned to Glamsquad artistic director Giovanni Vaccaro for a crash course on how to blow dry your hair with a round brush.

First things first: there's actually two different kinds of round brushes. Although a ceramic one is easier to use, hair tends to slip out of it, so he recommends using a boar bristle brush instead.

Before reaching for your brush and blow dryer, prep hair by massaging some volume-boosting mousse into your roots, and spritzing heat protectant spray on your mid-lengths to ends.

Now you're ready to dry. Vaccaro says to work in two-inch sections, wrapping the brush around the hair and pulling it down as you run your blow dryer over it. Then, there's the scary part: When you remove the brush, twist it three times.

Once you've dried your entire head, turn down the heat on your dryer and go over your blowout to cool the hair down and lock in smoothness.

The perfect blowout is only one video away. Hit play above to see the complete tutorial.