She's hot, hot, hot. Not only is Jennifer Lopez's career on fire, but so is her enviable figure. Ever since she shook her assets in her infamous "Booty" video, we can't help but notice that the star's figure is looking sexier than ever before (which is saying quite a lot, because to us, J. Lo has always been sexier than thou).

Want a body like hers? No problemo. We paid a visit to J. Lo's personal trainer--fitness expert and creator of her namesake Method, Tracy Anderson, who shared the secrets to getting Lopez's phenomenal physique. Warning: It's a lot of hard work, so don't think you can achieve that beautiful booty and those rock hard abs overnight, but trust us, it's worth ever sweaty moment. We felt the burn after just a few classes, so we can only imagine the ever-evolving results Anderson would be able to help us achieve if we committed on a life-term basis.

Anderson, who is also responsible for Gwyneth Paltrow's lean physique and Madonna's super toned bod (just to name a few of her other A-list clientele) prides herself on an exercise program that is treated as a lifestyle, helping to shape women all around the globe into the best version of themselves. She is tiny but tough, strong-willed but completely compassionate, and knowledgable as hell when it comes to how to train the human body and get the results you want. Bottom line? J. Lo loves her, Paltrow is her business partner, and we've developed a soft spot for her. She's just plain cool.

Watch the clip above for the exclusive video with Tracy, who shows off a few of the exact moves she does with J.Lo, and learn more about Anderson's Method on her website. Added bonus: Now you can actually work out with Tracy no matter what continent you're on, thanks to her array of calorie-torching DVDs and her brand new live-stream class, which is bringing her star-powered workouts to your own living room on a weekly basis.