Whenever Gwyneth Paltrow is spotted in a bikini (or, for that matter, a t-shirt and jeans) we can't help but feel an overwhelming urge to hit the gym while we contemplate just how she manages to look better and better as time goes on. Then, we realized the answer: In addition to her healthy diet, she's a regular with fitness expert Tracy Anderson, who trains some of the hottest bodies in Hollywood, and has been a longtime friend of the actress.

As Paltrow has attested to many times over the years, Anderson has completely transformed her physique, giving her a gorgeous, toned figure. “I’ve been a Tracy Anderson devotee for eight years and I do it five days a week,” Paltrow tells InStyle. “I do the dance cardio and the muscular structure ones.”

So we paid a visit to Anderson's Tribeca studio in New York City and asked Anderson to take us through her workout. Warning: It's no cake-walk, but trust us, it's worth ever sweaty moment. We felt the burn after just a few classes, so we can only imagine the ever-evolving results Anderson would be able to help us achieve if we committed for eight (eight!) years.

Watch the clip above for the exclusive video with Anderson, who shows off a few of the exact moves she does with Paltrow, and learn more about Anderson's Method on her website. Added bonus: Now you can actually work out with the in-demand trainer no matter what state you're in, thanks to her array of calorie-torching DVDs and her live-stream class, which is bringing her star-powered workouts to your own living room on a weekly basis.