Sep 10, 2015 @ 5:15 pm

Welcome to How To: Everything, a new step-by-step video series that InStyle’s editors have crafted for you to learn some of our favorite at-home DIY tricks. Check back every week for the latest trends in fashion, beauty, food, and lifestyle made easy. 

Despite how beloved your favorite go-to sweater may be, the effects of time and one too many turns in the washer and drier can unfortunately lead to unwanted pilling. And while it seems easy enough to bid adieu to your piece and purchase a new one ahead of fall's arrival, there’s a simple, affordable solution to making your sweater shine like new.

In the video above, we’ve pieced together a quick guide to rapidly de-pilling a sweater. The best part? All you need to complete the task is a flat surface, your razor of choice, and a lint roller or duct tape. Say hello to your old best friend’s new glow.