By Aly Semigran
Mar 18, 2015 @ 10:02 am

Insurgent: The Musical? All right, so the latest chapter in the popular Divergent series isn't a singing and dancing spectacle, but it was on the set for the stars. Shailene Woodley stopped by Late Night on Tuesday, where she told host Seth Meyers that, thanks to all the wire work she and her cast mates participated in for the "action-packed" flick, "Some days it was like, 'We're being Peter Pan today. This is so neat!"'

The actress, who looked lovely in a mixed pattern dress during her appearance, said the actors did sing while they were on set but, "They just didn't put it in, they took them out in editing." Woodley—who performed an impromptu Insurgent song with Meyers ("Today we're divergent/Tomorrow we will be, too!")—joked that, "There's two more movies, man. Maybe the final one can be a musical." As the star put it, "It would be a first," but truth be told we'd love to see a Divergent musical.

Click on the video above to watch Woodley chat with Meyers about Insurgent, as well as her days of couch surfing during the press tour, and of course, consuming bone broth