By Erin Lukas
Dec 24, 2018 @ 12:00 pm
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For anyone with super fine hair, wearing a ponytail isn't the quick and effortless style it's supposed to be. If your ponytail slides down to the nape of your neck even if you triple-wrap it with a hair elastic, InStyle beauty editor Dianna Mazzone is right there with you.

Luckily, after dealing with a few limp ponytails of her own, Mazzone has finally figured out a hack that'll keep any high ponytail from falling. And all you need is a pack of bobby pins to do it. 

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The trick is to use the bobby pins like stilts to prop up the ponytail. Start by pulling your hair up into a fresh high ponytail. Once you've secured it with an elastic, take two bobby pins and pull them down vertically through your hair tie underneath the pony. 

Yep, a perky high ponytail really can be that simple. Hit play on the video above to see for yourself.