Thanks to the Kardshians, contouring is everyday vernacular. The technique of defining and sculpting your facial structure using a makeup shade that's a few shades darker than your actual skin tone has joined the ranks of the smoky eye and red lip as a staple makeup look.

Much like blending eyeshadow, nailing the contouring technique takes some practice. Striking out on the first few attempts is inevitable. Such is the exact situation InStyle social media editor Rachel Otero found herself in every time she's tried to contour her face. So, she called a professional in for backup.

Instead of giving up and wiping off all of your makeup, Glamsquad artistic director Kelly J. Bartlett says to use a makeup wipe to clean up the areas of your face where you've applied your contour too low and too wide. At this point, the makeup that's still on your face has probably set which will make it hard to blend, so Bartlett recommends spritzing a refreshing spray to soften everything up.

Next, grab a fluffy brush and blend upwards, following your natural cheekbones and along your hairline. Once that's all done, enhance the shadows you've created with a gray-toned product and blend away a second time. Finish by adding little extra peach-toned highlighter to the high planes of your face for extra glow.

Hit play on the video above to see Bartlett do damage control on a contour gone wrong.