By Jane Asher
Mar 15, 2017 @ 11:00 am

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are officially the most supportive, complementary couple ever.

Legend opened up to People regarding their decade-long relationship, basically confirming what we already knew: They are each other's perfect other half.

Legend grew up in a small town in Ohio and later went on to an Ivy League school, while Teigen moved around quite a bit during her childhood, spent her high school years in California working at a surf shop. "We were always different,” he told the mag. "I was always a little bit more buttoned up, and she was always more brash and free.” Well, you know what they say: Opposites attract!

The pair first met back in 2007 when Teigen starred in Legend's music video for his hit single "Stereo," but it wasn't quite head-over-heels, love at first sight. “I would get a little nervous at first with some of the things she would say because I didn’t know how people would react,” admitted the "Love Me Now" singer. "I usually played it more safely."

But in the end, it seems their differing personalities only added to their relationship. "I think she’s brought me out of my shell a bit and made me enjoy life a little bit more,” says Legend. “It’s been fun to grow together in that."

Legend, the ever-supportive husband, also opened up to People on Teigen's battle with postpartum depression. "“For me as a husband, it was my job to do the best I could to support her and understand what she was going through and do whatever I could do to help her," he said. "I feel like that’s the least I could do."

"You need to be present and you need to be compassionate," he advised. "We’re all learning and trying to figure it out as we go. At least do that and try to figure it out together." We're not crying, you're crying.