By InStyle Staff
Oct 19, 2016 @ 3:00 pm

Don't be out of the loop when Halloween comes knocking on your door, pun intended. Last week, Homepolish's creative director, Orlando Soria stopped by InStyle to craft up two DIY projects to spookify your own home with lifestyle editor, Anne Vorrasi. Soria's impressive portfolio of interior design projects proves he knows how to make a space feel dressed for special occasions, especially for a holiday as festive as All Hallows' Eve.

First up was an unconventional pumpkin carving tutorial. Soria takes a drill to fall's favorite gourd to create a polka dot-patterned look that only takes minutes to complete. He also shows us an ingenious tip of carving a hole out of the bottom of the pumpkin for a cleaner look.

Next up, a ghost to haunt your home. Soria constructs the supernatural ornament using easy-to-find craft supplies, including a styrofoam ball, cheese cloth, wire, and construction paper. These harmless figures can really get your family in the Halloween spirit, but we must admit: They're more cute than scary.

Check out the video above for the full how-to on these projects.