By Jonathan Borge
Jan 26, 2017 @ 10:30 am

If your decades-old rags are officially too ripped and tattered to wear in public, think twice before you throw them in the trash.

To help all of us easily reduce our carbon footprints, H&M is encouraging all of us to recycle clothes you no longer love with the latest extension of its Garment Collecting campaign, which launched in 2013. Dubbed “Bring It,” a new film (above) quickly chronicles the journey of the hole-covered items we’re all guilty of saying adios to without thinking twice. Their final destination? A filthy landfill somewhere far away from home.

Directed by Crystal Moselle, the short film clearly drives one clear point: reduce waste. To do so, the brand is encouraging us all to bring unwanted garments to any of its stores all year. The perks? Receive a 15 percent off any purchase and, of course, help maintain the Earth’s natural beauty.

So where will your pieces end up? They could potentially be stitched together to design the brand's annual Close the Loop collection, which launched in 2014 and uses your recycled textile fibers to mold new denim. Chic.

Watch the moving video above—and be sure to participate in its program. The goal is, ultimately, to collect 25,000 tons of recycled garments by 2020. Fingers crossed.