By Meredith Lepore
Mar 25, 2016 @ 9:45 am

There has certainly been plenty of drama this election season, but one thing there really needs to be more of is entertaining campaign slogans. And luckily, Jimmy Kimmel has been brainstorming a few for Hillary Clinton, who was a guest on his show on Thursday. Kimmel asked her if she was jealous of Bernie Sanders's slogan, "Feel the Bern" as "it is a really good slogan." "I gotta say I'm not," said Clinton. However, this didn't stop him from showing her some buttons, bumper stickers, and T-shirts with slogans he thinks she should consider.

First off? A "Hillary y'all!" button. "That comes across well," she said. She also liked "Oh Hill yes!" As for the "You Be Hillin'" and "Hillin' Like a Villain" shirts she said, "I think we can do better." She did enjoy "Take a Hill Pill," but the audience loved "Netflix and Hill." And then finally, "Hillary Rod-Damn!" " You know I love it that people make up slogans," said Clinton. "Good, then I'll start selling these," said Kimmel.

Get ready to see "Netflix and Hill" bumper stickers!

Watch Clinton talk about new slogans in the video above.