By Jennifer Merritt
Aug 20, 2016 @ 3:30 pm

It's one of the most common—and annoying—side effects of pregnancy: swelling, particularly in one's ankles and feet. "It's very common to have our feet stretch while pregnant. Some people say they even go up a shoe size or two," says Hilaria Baldwin, yoga instructor and soon-to-be mother of three with husband Alec Baldwin. Her solution? The yoga poses she demos in the video above, part of InStyle's Yoga for 2 video series with the 32-year-old that tackles common pregnancy ailments.

All you'll need to do these exercises is a yoga mat and a chair, and Baldwin, who is due in the fall, says she does these exercises daily and they "feel amazing."

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For the full sequence, watch the video above, and get more from Baldwin by checking out our other videos in the Yoga for 2 series at, and by following her on Instagram.