By Entertainment Weekly
Feb 23, 2016 @ 11:45 am

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will soon answer the eternal question of who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman, but before the movie hits theaters, Superman himself (aka Henry Cavill) decided to do a little polling of his own.

In a video for the charity fundraising organization Omaze, Cavill travels to the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust to ask kids whether they prefer Batman or Superman. While there are a few Superman fans, several of the kids are devoted Batman supporters, and you can see the pain in Cavill’s eyes as he fruitlessly tries to make a case for Superman. (There’s also one kid who actually prefers the villains.)

Cavill’s quiz is part of an Omaze charity initiative encouraging fans to donate to three nonprofits chosen by Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Jesse Eisenberg. One winner will travel to the red carpet premiere of Batman v Superman to hang out with the cast, and all donations help support the Eastern Congo Initiative, the SEED Project, and the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Batman v Superman hits theaters on March 25.

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