By Joshua Lyon
Aug 28, 2015 @ 7:45 am

Pierce Brosnan had a chance to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight alongside Jack Nicholson, but the No Escape actor walked away from the opportunity. Instead, the role of Batman in Tim Burton’s iconic 1989 film famously went to Michael Keaton. Brosnan's reason for turning it down? “I was kind of hesitant about the whole thing," he said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday. "I couldn’t quite get my head around it,”

“Did you know it was Batman?” Kimmel asked, incredulously.

“I did,” the man formerly known as James Bond replied. “But I just didn’t think it was going to fly. I was naive, I was silly.”

Kimmel was quick to point out that Batman doesn’t need to fly. “You were right on that,” he said. “But he’s got a copter and he’s got a plane and he’s got a car and he’s got all of those things!” Our big question is if Brosnan had ended up as Batman, would he have still done 1993's Mrs. Doubtfire? Click the video above to watch him explain, and to hear his thoughts on playing a Bond villian.