Harrison Ford has often played straight-laced stalwart figures on the big screen, but he definitely has a funny side. During Tuesday's Tonight Show, the actor had his sense of humor on full display as he joked around with host Jimmy Fallon.

Somehow, the duo ended up doing spit takes every time someone mentioned J.J. Abrams, director of the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Ford also gave Fallon a hard time for introducing him on the show as an Academy Award–nominated actor. "Don't you get it? I didn't win," he said.

The interview seemed like it was headed for a more dramatic turn when Fallon asked Ford to explain how he injured his leg on the set of The Force Awakens. However, more comedy ensued. "[Abrams] got injured trying to help you," Fallon.

"Oh, poor guy. What a pity!" Ford sarcastically said.

"Something fell on you and broke on your leg?" Fallon said. Using an expletive, Ford said Abrams closed a door on his leg. (And, of course, since they both said the director's name a couple spit takes took place.)

Fallon then asked Ford to show him exactly how the injury happened with help from a Han Solo figure. During the process of his explanation, Ford ended up breaking off both legs of the doll and ripping off its pants despite Fallon protesting that it was a collector's item.

On a more serious note, Fallon said he "got chills" when he saw Ford dressed in full Han Solo costume in the Star Wars trailer. "Did you get emotional when you put the Han Solo wardrobe on?" Fallon asked. "No, I got paid!" Ford said. Perhaps Ford's next role should be a comedic one.

Watch Ford's full explanation using the Han Solo figure here: