By Joshua Lyon
Aug 18, 2015 @ 8:45 am

Band geeks, unite! Halle Berry appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday and bonded with the host over the fact that they were both in high school marching band. “It boggles my mind that we have this in common,” Kimmel told the Extant actress. “I played the clarinet. The clarinet was not the coolest instrument, although I will say it was cooler than the flute. Unless you were female, than the flute was cooler than the clarinet.”

Berry agreed, but quickly pointed out that the saxophone was the sexiest of the instruments. When Kimmel asked her why, she mused, “Maybe the shape of it? The way it hangs?”

However, it turns out that Berry didn’t spend too much time following the bandleader in school. “I quickly then became the mascot,” she said. “I became the Bearcat. I was a gymnast, [and] I had a big thing on my head.”

Kimmel pointed out that of all the people in the world, Berry is the last one he would have expected to walk around with her face hidden. While we're all for a woman choosing to showcase her tumbling skills over her facial features, the host did go on to make an interesting point: “[The costume] protected you from the sun’s rays,” he said. “And now you’re a timeless beauty.” Click the video above to watch the whole interview.