By Joshua Lyon
May 08, 2015 @ 11:45 am

Hailee Steinfeld faced a formidable group of talent when she signed up for the sequel to the surprise smash Pitch Perfect. “I’m not really a trained singer,” the actress confessed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and admitted that she was “so nervous” when she got on set.

“The first time that I sing in the movie is when I audition for the Bellas,” she said. “I pre-recorded my audition, but on the day when we were filming that, for some reason I couldn’t for the life of me match my recording. So I ended up singing it live!”

Jimmy Kimmel compared it to being in a karaoke situation, but where “no one is drunk [and] everybody’s really good.”

Steinfeld said that her favorite scene is the film’s finale. “We shot it over the course of a week, and at the beginning of the week we did it for about 500 people,” she said. “And then at the end it was like 2,500 people. So by that time I kind of felt like a rock star!”

Watch the entire interview above and catch Pitch Perfect 2 when it comes out May 15.