By Rita Kokshanian
Apr 04, 2016 @ 2:00 pm

Gwen Stefani may be all smiles in front of cameras, but the singer is still feeling the lingering pain from her and Gavin Rossdale's divorce. But the bright side? In addition to finding love with Blake Shelton, the mother of three has also channeled her hurt into a new number one album. 

"It's still painful," Stefani said in an interview with Good Morning America this morning. "I'm still looking at the pieces going, 'What is happening?' There's so many great things but it's still super hard to have your family break up ... What do you do after that? Like, here we are."

Although the songstress admits that the public divorce was "embarrassing," she says it also motivated her. "I felt like, 'Wow, I can't go down. This is not who I am, I'm not gonna fail.' I had to make something good out of it, so I tried to write ... I was like, 'I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna make this into music.'" The music in question is her new album, This Is What the Truth Feels Like, which is the songstress's third solo album. 

The album includes songs like "Red Flag," which is about her divorce from Rossdale, and "Make Me Like You," which Stefani admits is about her new beau, Shelton. 

Despite the pain and energy that went into create the very personal album, Stefani is happy with the results. "It feels like I'm supposed to be doing this right now and sharing my story ... And I really hope that this record brings pleasure and, I don't know, documents people's, you know, lives in this moment. And I just—I'm so happy to share it." Watch the full interview above.