If you’re still wondering whether blondes have more fun, turn to Goldie Hawn and InStyle May cover star Amy Schumer.

Tuesday night in New York, the actresses hit the red carpet inside The Whitby Hotel for an intimate screening of their latest flick, Snatched. In the film, they portray a mother-daughter duo who are kidnapped in South America after attempting to vacation. Drama! Like any family, they cry, they fight, they hug it out, and, well, you’ll have to watch the movie to see what else happens. But how do they get along in person?

Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn
Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Schumer was an easy person for Hawn to work with after she had stepped away from Hollywood’s sets for 15 years. “We both have the same heritage. Eastern European,” she told InStyle of a commonality that helped them bond. “You know, sometimes you can meet someone who's kind of got your DNA, whose sense of humor and life and food and love and family, all of it. It was an unspoken connection.”

As for the advice Schumer picked up from her on-screen mom? “Be independent.”

There’s only one question left to ask: How does Kate Hudson feel about all this?

Watch the trailer for Snatched above—and catch it in theaters Mother’s Day weekend.