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Josh Newis-Smith
Oct 06, 2017 @ 2:00 pm

Two questions I had ahead of my interview with Gisele: 1) could she possibly be as hot IRL as she is in her international fashion campaigns and 2) surely she can’t be nice AND hot? Well, world, prepare yourselves. I can confirm Gisele Bundchen is even hotter in real life (legit!) and has a persona that could disarm even the most skeptical individual.

I met Gisele at the end of Milan Fashion Week at the inaugural Green Carpet Fashion Awards where the staunch environmentalist accepted an Eco Laureate Award for her work in promoting the plight of the Amazon Rain Forest. Being granted a ten-minute audience with Gisele is as rare as gaining such an audience with the Pope himself. The results? She didn’t disappoint as we tackled everything from her relationship with fellow environmentalist Stella McCartney to all things Donald Trump.

Here's what we learned.

Stella McCartney is her BFF.

“I am always into sustainable fashion. It’s so important that with the fashion industry, which has so much influence on the world, that we work towards becoming more sustainable and I love Stella McCartney because she does exactly that. I called her up and asked her to create me a sustainable dress for the Met Ball and she actually made me two. So tonight’s gown was the ‘left over dress.' It’s not only visually green, it's sustainable, too. It’s exactly what I need! Stella is a dear friend, she’s very conscious in the way she runs her business and I want to support her because her initiative is so inspiring!”

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This supermodel has a message for Trump.

“I just want to send him love and raise a conscience in him by sending positive vibrations. We just need to hope and pray!”

She bans new toys for her kids and does her own gardening.

“I am that mother who is constantly telling off the children and the rest of the family for not putting the recycling in the right bin. At home we have our own garden and we have bees so the kids are very aware, and they only eat seasonable vegetables that we grow ourselves. I always tell them that if they put things in the trash they will be responsible for what happens to fish and whales. I also tell them, ‘if you want more toys then they will end up in landfill.’ They are so aware they don’t even want new toys any more. I think I have put terror into them but I need to teach them the truth about what happens. To be honest they are the ones who police everyone else around the house and they tell people off in the house for not recycling properly or whatever. When they go on play dates they are like, ‘mom you will not believe what they do!’ They literally teach their friends about the environment and ask them why they drink out of plastic bottles—we don’t have any plastic bottles in our house. It makes me so proud that we produce barely any trash in my house.”

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Gisele loves to meditate in the shower.

“I don’t sing in the shower, I mediate in the shower. I like to feel the water for a minute—I don’t take long showers because I am conscious of the water. But, honey, when I am in the car I am screaming along to anything that comes on—I am obsessed with the new Shakira song.”

You won’t catch Gisele with a Big Mac in hand.

“McDonalds is trash—if I have a down day I eat pizza, but you just can’t beat Italian pizza!

Watch the full video above to see her take on Luis Fonsi's "Despacito."

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