Need help naming your baby? Look no farther than Jimmy Kimmel. On Monday night the talk show host lent pregnant Once Upon a Time star Ginnifer Goodwin a hand in coming up with a name for her second child on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Goodwin and her husband, her Once Upon a Time co-star Josh Dallas, revealed in February that their 1-year-old son Oliver would soon have a litte brother.

The actress, who stars in the upcoming animated film Zootopia, explained that she and Dallas were having trouble finding a name. "It's hard because my husband's last name is Dallas. It's a great last name, but it's hard because you can't do geographical locations with Dallas. It sounds like an airport," she said. "If you double-D it up, it sounds pornographic." She also mentioned that they named their first son Oliver Finlay so they used up their "two favorite names on one kid."

As a service to the couple, Kimmel and his team set up two bingo hoppers—one containing names of birds and another with names of vegetables—to help decide the child's name. The first ball that Guillermo Rodriguez selected read "crane," which Goodwin revealed was the name of their physician. "I feel like this means something!" she said.

Then came time for the second ball, which had "eggplant." "Is this legally binding?" Goodwin joked. Kimmel asked for another spin on the second name and drew "rutabaga," which Goodwin liked better but with Guillermo's pronunciation: ru-tah-BAH-gah. Whether she'll use the veggie as her new son's middle name remains to be seen, but the actress did take a liking to "little Crane."

Watch Kimmel come up with baby names for Ginnifer Goodwin in the clip at top.