Take note, ladies and gents. You may think buttering up a police office could get you out of a speeding ticket, but Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez has another strategy. At the age of 16, the actress got her driver's license and made a very funny face for the photo. Unexpectedly, the snap ended up getting her out of a lot of tickets, she told Conan O'Brien on his show Monday.

When cops would pull her over, they would look at her license and start laughing mid-scold, she explained. They would then ask her to "do the face."

"They'd be like, 'Oh my god, do the face. This is you? Do the face!' And then I do it and they'd be like, 'Stop! Go, get out of here!'" Rodriguez said. "Literally, me going like 100 miles an hour. At one point I had like six friends in the car and they'd be like 'You know you need to have a seatbelt per person.' And I'd be like, 'Here's my license.'"

"'We've got two bodies in the trunk. I don't care!'" O'Brien joked.

Check out the video above to see Rodriguez recreate the ridiculous face on her license.