By Entertainment Weekly
Apr 05, 2016 @ 5:00 pm

Attention Human Beans: There’s a new trailer for Steven Spielberg’sThe BFG, and we finally get a good, long look at the big, friendly giant that gives the film its name.

Although performed through motion-capture technology, the big man actually looks a lot like actor Mark Rylance, who just won the supporting actor Oscar for his role in Spielberg’s previous movie, Bridge of Spies. The ears are more like satellite dishes, and he’s now 20-plus feet tall, but otherwise—a remarkable likeness.

The BFG is the final collaboration between Spielberg and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial screenwriter Melissa Mathison, who died from neuroendocrine cancer last November. Like their earlier children’s classic, this story seems like it won’t shy away from the shadows of childhood while pursuing some of its brighter joys and wonders.

They’re working from a beloved novel by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory author Roald Dahl, whose stories were often candy-coated, but contained hard, sometimes dark centers. Like Elliott, a boy who felt abandoned after his father left the family, this movie focuses on a young girl named Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) who lives in an orphanage and feels overlooked by the world.

Why did the giant notice her? “I hears your lonely heart,” he says.

The BFG opens on July 1. Bring a handkerchief. A big one.

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