By Olivia Bahou
May 25, 2016 @ 11:30 am

It was all fun and games when the cast of the new Ghostbusters reboot appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today. Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones appeared on the talk show and participated in a game of Heads Up!, which they revealed was a staple on the Ghostbusters set.

“Oh my god, such gut-wrenching laughter. Like I had clenched and fell to my knees I was laughing so hard,” Jones said.

The star teamed up with McKinnon to get DeGeneres to guess phrases like “wax,” “Netflix and Chill,” and “Sofia Vergara.”

“I thought you were cheating, Ellen,” Jones says, but the talk show host was just that good.

Next up, McCarthy and Wiig had to get DeGeneres to identify a type of dance without any words. Despite their killer dance moves, the host had a hard time putting a name to the bump-and-grind and a conga line. One thing DeGeneres was quick to identify? Their incredible running man moves.

The cast also sat down for an interview, where they talked about their eye candy on the set, co-star Chris Hemsworth. The audience cheered at a sexy shirtless photo of the actor, and his female co-stars were quick to say that his looks aren’t the only thing that he has going for him.

“He’s also smart and lovely, guys,” McCarthy said. “He’s the nicest and so funny. He’s such a good improviser,” Wiig added, proving that Hemsworth truly is the full package.

Watch the hilarious videos above to get excited for Ghostbusters to hit theaters July 15.