By Alexis Bennett
Dec 22, 2015 @ 4:00 pm

There's nothing more effortlessly gorgeous than the waves of a model off-duty. The tousled strands give an "I woke up like this," vibe without looking disheveled. InStyle's Violet Gaynor turned to John Frieda hairstylist Harry Josh to find out all the steps required to achieve the bombshell look.

The hair pro, who has worked with catwalk queens such as Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss, revealed that the models, "just wanted to look like they didn't use a curling iron." Instead of structured spirals, "they just wanted the bends, and kicks, and flicks in their hair that make it look like 'model off duty.'"

"The first thing you want to do is divide the hair into fours," Josh explains while recommending "a 1-inch barrel, which is my hero size for the iron." If you have long hair you can start very high up on the hair shaft because the weight of the hair is going to pull the curls down. Wrapping each section around the barrel for three seconds adds enough heat to mold each ring.

Josh's secret to locking the look in place? Apply mousse on dry strands. "What the mousse actually does is not only gives the hair memory, so that when I'm curling the hair it will hold better, but it actually gives your hair longevity." Watch the full video at the top for all of Josh's expert tips. Plus, try the effortless look on your own face with the YouCam Makeup app available now for iOS and Android devices.